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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if my existing windows need to be replaced?

The tell-tale signs of needing replacement window are window rot, difficulty opening and closing, drafty or leaky windows, rattling windows, broken seals, poor energy efficiency, and physical aberrations.

What exactly is a replacement window?

Replacement windows are meant to take the place of your current windows and designed to fit in the existing space.

How do I know what type of window I need?

There are many factors we use to determine the type of window you need such as previous window style, budget, and preference of function. Regardless of what you are looking for, our representatives are more than capable of helping to determine what best suits your needs.

Can metal roofing panels be directly installed over my current shingles?

Typically, metal roofing can be installed directly over your current shingles since they are about a 1/3 of the weight of traditional roofing shingles. By doing this, you can eliminate the hassle and cost of removing and disposing your old roof. We do advise that you leave this task to the professionals at USA Home Solutions. Feel free to call us at 1-800-679-6091.

How are metal roofing panels attached?

We use stainless steel screws matched with your new roofs color. Screw fasteners are ideal to increase resistance to pullout and increased weather tightness.

Can insulation be installed under the metal roofing panels?

We are able to install insulation under your new metal roofing panels, and would typically use a ¾” insulation.

Is metal roofing noisy when it rains?

This is typically not a concern anymore with your new metal roof being installed directly over you existing roof and plywood, and a layer of insulation on the inside, which effectively reduces any bothersome noise during rainy days.

How long will a metal roof last?

Metal roofs have a lifespan far exceeding those of traditional roofs and may very well be the last roof you ever have to install on you home. The average life expectancy of a metal roof is between 40-70 years, and with our Energy Loc product, it could last beyond that amount. Additionally, the durability of our metal roofs far exceeds that of traditional roofing materials.

What makes your walk-in tubs better than other providers?

Our walk-in tubs are manufactured by America’s Best Bath, and as such they come with all the benefits not typically seen with other walk-in tubs. The dynamic feature being the exclusive TurboDrain system that drains 3X faster than standard drains, which means you can move on with your day that much quicker.

How long does it take to install a walk-in tub?

The amount of time a walk-in tub installation takes can vary greatly depending on the type of tub or bath system you currently have installed, but we can typically have the installation done within a week, mostly within 2-3 days

How can I tell if I need new siding?

Typical tell-tale signs necessitating new siding are swollen boards, extreme weather damage, peeling or curling paint, cracking/splitting boards, wood knots popping out, delaminated surface, or chalky film residue. Having any one of these or a combination of, can mean that you are in need of new siding. Call us today at 1-800-679-6091 to speak with our experts! We’ve love to hear from you.

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Tulsa, OK

"USA Home Solutions was wonderful. They came out, showed us the different options that we could go with, and overall it was a very easy process."

Broken Arrow, OK

"What I really like the most about having new windows is the energy savings. I have noticed it in my utility bills and also in the comfort of my front room ... plus I don’t hear outside noise any more!"

Claremore, OK

"We had one window that was particularly hard to get out. The team worked though it and did an incredible job. I was very impressed with the men who worked on our home."

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